The Infield Downtown

6,500+ square feet indoor baseball
and softball hitting and pitching facility

There are four 12’ x 70’ cages that can be used for pitching and/or hitting. The facility can be easily converted into two 25’ x 70’ cages to allow for infield work or agility training. All of our cages are suspended from the ceiling and are made of high performance materials. The safety of our participants is our highest priority in providing quality equipment. The Infield Downtown is equipped with pitching machines for baseball and softball. Our cages are also furnished with premium L-screens for the protection of the instructor. Pitchers mounds are in each cage.

Participants will bring their personal bats and gloves. We encourage you to bring your personal helmets as well, however, there will be some provided at the facility.


Take your game to the next level while working inside our 6000+ square foot indoor climate controlled facility. Our facility is completely turfed with high quality turf and padding and has four 12 1/2 x 68 ft cages. Two of our cages can be subdivided to become approximately 12x34ft to allow separate locations to work with soft toss and/or T work. The perimeter netting is stationary while the interior net dividers can all be retracted allowing for one large area that can be used for infield work or even for a fun game of whiffle ball or dodge ball. Lighting is so important when working in an indoor facility and we have provided all LED lighting for optimal vision.

All of our machines are JUGS machines. Our facility has a single wheel and a double wheel baseball pitching machine. We also have a single wheel softball machine and in October we will be adding a brand new softball machine with the ability to throw a 70 mph fast ball and with the touch of a remote control change to a 50 mph change up.

Our cages are fully equipped with all a player will need to work on his or her game. With safety as a top priority, we have L-screens and C-screens, 10×10 field screens and target mats behind home plate, along state of the art baseball pitching mounds and Jenny Finch softball pitching lanes. Each cage has regular baseballs and softballs along with balls designed for use in pitching machines.

The Infield Downtown is committed to keeping their facility in top condition. There is regular cleaning, care, and maintenance done on all equipment and furnishings. Safety and cleanliness are of highest priority.

Lounge Area

We want everyone to enjoy their time while they are at The Infield Downtown.  A comfortable lounge area is available for all who are waiting on a player to work on their game. Make yourself at home and read a book, browse the internet with our complimentary WIFI, work on homework or watch something on our 70 inch television.  There is also a counter area with comfortable bar stools on the opposite side of the room where you can enjoy a snack from our concessions and watch the 50 inch television in that area.  Players in cages can be viewed from both seating areas.

Facility Rules

  • No food, drinks, sunflower seeds or cleats of any kind on the turfed area.
  • No hanging on netting.
  • No tobacco products of any kind in facility.
  • No cussing, fussing, or arguing allowed.
  • Only participants are allowed in cages.
  • Helmets must be worn by every person in cage under the age of 18 at all times. Batters must always wear helmets. (The only exception is a participant that is engaged in a pitching session when there is no batter)
  • Catchers must wear catcher’s gear when catching.
  • No one allowed in cage under the age of 14 without an adult.
  • No alcoholic beverages in facility.